How to make your own herbal incense blend

make your own herbal blend

We are often asked by newbies to the world of cannabinoids how to make your own herbal incense blend infused with their choice of cannabinoid. Making your own blend is very easy and can save you a load of money however it can be time consuming and takes a couple of days before it can be ready to smoke. Many people will prefer to pay extra for the convenience of buying a pre-made blend, if you are one of these people we recommend Plant Food Palace whose popular blends MIST and Strawberry SENSI are the best ones we’ve tried and are some of the cheapest online. The potency of your blend will vary depending on how accustomed you are to smoking cannabinoids and the cannabinoid you are using. Cannabinoids can vary in potency quite drastically so please take care not to overdo it.

What you will need:

  1. A large tub/container
  2. A bottle of 100% Pure Acetone
  3. A large spoon/stirrer
  4. Your choice of cannabinoid
  5. Your choice of herb (Damiana Leaf & Marshmallow Leaf work well)
  6. (Optional) Tobacco flavouring such as “Tasty Puff” plus a fine mist spray bottle.


  1. Remove the twigs from the herbs, the amount of sticks and twigs will vary from herb to herb – Damiana Leaf for example is very twig-heavy however Marshmallow leaf has very few twigs
  2. weigh out your herbs and your choice of cannabinoid. You may choose to combine herbs as they all differ in harshness so by combining a few you can achieve your desired smoke. If you are unsure of the ratio of cannabinoid to herb to use please refer to our chart below:PB-22 / BB-22: Potent – 1g Chem to 35g Herb    Medium – 1g Chem to 40g Herb   Mild – 1g Chem to 50g Herb


    Potent – 1g Chem to 17g Herb   Medium – 1g Chem to 25g Herb   Mild - 1g Chem to 35g Herb

     STS-135 / 2NE1

    Potent - 1g Chem to 15g Herb   Medium – 1g Chem to 20g Herb   Mild – 1g Chem to 25g Herb

  3. Pour enough Acetone into the basin/tub to moisten all the herb but not too much so that the herbs will be soaked as it will take a long time to dry out. Pour roughly 1 cup of acetone for 200g of herb. Then stir thoroughly so that all the herbs go a dark colour, signifying that they are wet.
  4. Leave to dry in a well ventilated, warm and dry room.
  5. Once the smell of acetone has completely disappeared and the blend smells solely of herbs your blend is ready. At this stage you can spray your blend with your chosen flavouring using a fine “mist” spray to evenly distribute the flavouring.
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